Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Always Part of the Family !!

People often told me when I was pregnant with SG that my dogs would become secondary to my child. This may have been true for those people but my three furry children are as much a part of our family as they ever were. Sarah-Grace loves all three of the dogs and knows each of their names and can identify them correctly ... which melts my heart !!! She gives each of them love equally and they are always around ... usually waiting for food to drop from the table.

Today, SG and I went outside to play and Marlee and Maisy found a lizard in the tree...so I took the opportunity to take some great photos of them waiting for this lizard to drop from the tree...much like they wait for the food to magically fall from the table. Annie was inside enjoying the AC and I captured a picture of her doing what she does best too !!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little Nature Girl !!!

Whenever we go outside, little SG has an affinity for things like sticks, tree bark, rocks, and dirt. She will attempt to pick up all that she can at one time. Why she does this ... not sure??? However, I find it somewhat amusing. I am sure it is just her ever growing sense of curiosity and her desire to learn. There could be plenty of "real" toys within reach but she will inevitably choose the rocks and the sticks.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Only One More Month !!!

Yippee....Yahooo....Hurrah !!!! Only about one more month and Aaron should be home. He will have been gone for a little over 4 months which is one of the longest deployments yet. We (or at least I) am soooooo ready for an extra set of hands and eyes. Although I love SG to pieces, this has certainly been eye opening and challenging.

Although Aaron has had a chance to see SG almost everyday her has been gone via Skype, I think he is in for a real surprise. When he left, she was not even a full-time walker. Now, not only does she walk, but she attempts to run, can do forward rolls, and has lots of real words. She is truly a walking talking little person. Via webcam, he only gets to see a small piece of the whole package. Sometimes she will interact with him and sometimes she is just too busy doing other things. So, it will be so very fun to see her interact with him and vice versa.

It will be an adjustment for all of us but one that I am soooooo ready for. She is truly a busy little girl and she wears me out with all her activity. I can hardly express my excitement about his homecoming in words.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Friends and a Hand Back !!!

Over the weekend, SG and I had some visitors. A good friend of mine that I met in Florida came to visit with her two kiddos. Yesterday, we went to the Fayetteville children's museum and gave that a try. The kids had a blast and it was so fun to see them all play together !!!

On the burned hand front, we went to the doctor today and SG was cleared to be without her bandage. Yipppeeeee !!! It healed up so quickly and it looks very nice indeed. We were so very lucky to get and awesome PA at the hospital that took very good care of the little miss.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Charleston and Other Events !!

On July 3rd, SG and I set out to visit the city of Charleston, SC for the Fourth of July. We went along with our good friends the Barton's as their son was participating in a Cub Scout event. So, on Friday, the girls explored the downtown area and ate at a wonderful restaurant called Fleet Landing.

On the 4th, the girls headed out once again to downtown Charleston and decided to take a wonderful horse-drawn carriage ride through the city and learned all sorts of cool history. It was a terrific way to spend the birthday of this great nation. After the carriage ride, we headed over to the festival at Patriots Point where we met up with my friend's husband and son, ate typical fair food, listened to some live music, and sat in front on the USS Yorktown to watch a fantastic display of fireworks. All in all, not a bad way to spend the Fourth of July !!!!

Then, we got to the 5th of July. SG and I went down to the free breakfast a little ahead of our friends on Sunday morning. I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and things only went downhill from there. Before I knew what was happening, SG reached over and stuck her little left hand right in my coffee cup and from this received second degree burns on her fingers. Fortunately for us, we were able to find a pediatric ER and it would appear that her hand is going to heal just fine. It was a very long and traumatic day for all involved but I am so thankful that we had good friends to help us through the day.

While the 5th of July will forever go down in my memory, I am glad that SG will not recall the event. However, despite our little mishap, the trip was great and I can't wait to go back to Charleston. It is truly a neat place, rich in history and will always be a part of my history as a Mom for sure!!