Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Rare Opportunity !!!

On Friday January 15th, which also happened to be my 34th Birthday, Aaron and I had the opportunity to dress up and go to a military ball. This is something we have only had the chance to do two other times in Aaron's military career. It is so fun to see everyone dressed in their best uniforms and dresses !!!! We had a ball !!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Park City Ski Trip !!!

Over the New Year, Aaron and I and SG took a family ski trip to Park City, Utah. We were joined by my parents, Aaron's sister and brother-in-law, and Aaron's Dad and his wife. It was a lot of people to please on one trip but we had a great time. Park City is a great place and it was the best ski resort we have ever been to. Although SG is still a little too small to ski, she had a wonderful time dressing up in her snowsuit and playing out in the snow !!! Our plan is to take SG back in two years with Aaron's sister's kids so they can all have their first ski experience together !!!