Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Very Busy Ffrench Ffamily March !!!

The last half of March has been a complete whirlwind for our family. We started out on the 19th of March with a trip to Baytown, Texas where we met up with Aaron's sister's family from Dallas and had a bit of a Ffrench family reunion with Aaron's Dad, aunts, uncle, and cousins. We celebrated SG's Birthday, her cousin Aubrey's Birthday, and Aaron's Dad's big 60th !!!

From Baytown, SG and I moved on to San Antonio for the week because Aaron had some work to do there and we got to have a little vacation and relaxation in good old Texas. We ate at all our favorite restaurants and I even got to spend a whole day with my sister and her kids. A fun time was had by all !!! I must not forget that we even got to drive through College Station on our way to SA and eat at Freebirds....YUM !!

Upon returning home from Texas, we had little time to get ready for an Easter Egg Hunt and SG's official Birthday party on Saturday March 27th. SG had a great time picking up eggs and putting them in her basket and then later on that day we celebrated her big 2 with a Dora themed party complete with a taco bar and Dora cake !!!!

Whew...and as if that wasn't enough, SG finally turned 2 yesterday !!! I find it so hard to believe that my little baby girl that used to fit in the cradle of my arm is 2, yes 2...well maybe 2 going on 5 !!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Fever

The words that appear in my new blog banner are an exact reflection of my feelings about the weather. I am so very very tired of the cold, windy, wet, and snowy weather that has plagued us this winter season. It has gotten so old and I am so done with it !! We, or at least I, and ready for Spring around here. So ready to be able to go outside and play everyday without the worry or bother or putting on coats and hats. I think Sarah-Grace is ready too because she loves to be outside. Last week, her little preschool did Spring photos. Despite the fact that it was only 39 degrees outside, I put her in her best Spring attire, sandals and all, and we made the trek up to school for some photos. Here's hoping she will be able to wear clothes like this every day sometime very soon !!!