Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Miracle Photo !!!

Yesterday we headed out into the backyard with Aaron's camera and tripod to attempt some family photos. After getting some shots of just the three of us, I wanted to try the six of us...which means I wanted to include the 4 legged children as well. Aaron pretty much thought I was nuts but it worked and we got a pretty darn good photo considering the calamity that occurred trying to get everyone in position. Anyway, I posted the photo below which I will deem a miracle among miracles !!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween !!!

We had a very very busy Halloween this year. It all began on Thursday night with a party at a good friend's house. Friday involved the kids' Halloween party at Aaron's work and Saturday night was hotdogs and trick o treating at another friend's house .... WHEW !!! This year, SG was dressed as a cupcake thanks to the fantastic costume made by Aaron's Mom. She had a lot of fun trick o treating but after a while she just got kinda cranky ... I don't really blame her though because it was hot and sticky outside !!! Here are a few photos from the festivities and the last one is of SG tackling my friend's son during a sugar rush !!!!