Saturday, December 19, 2009

Breakfast with Santa !!!!

This morning we attended the annual Breakfast With Santa event that is put on by the Family Support Group. Last year, Sarah-Grace was one very upset little kid about sitting on Santa's lap. She was just fine until she turned around and realized who was holding her. This year, she didn't look thrilled about sitting on his lap but she didn't cry. Then, she got off of his lap a little too early before Aaron and I could get up there to have a family photo. When she got off his lap they prematurely gave her the gift that they have for each child and she promptly turned around, ran back to Santa and got back on his lap. She is a smart kid after all and probably thought huh if I sit on his lap I get a gift...sweet let's do it again !!! For your entertainment, I am posting last year's photo and this year's photo...what a difference a year makes !!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Christmas Dress !!!

Well in the mail today we received SG's holiday dress made with love by Aaron's Mom (Grandma). It is a beautiful dress and fits her just perfectly. So, after we put it on, I decided to try a little photo shoot. While no where near professional, I think we got some really good ones after I did a little editing !!!! Enjoy !!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Very Coooooold Trip !!!!

Last weekend, Aaron, Sarah-Grace, and I along with a couple of other families from Fayetteville took off to our nation's capital for a little sightseeing and some freezing cold weather. I have never in my life been so thankful for the raincover on our stroller. On Saturday, it was about 32 degrees and either snowed or rained all day. We still managed to have some fun in all the wonderful museums though. Sarah-Grace especially loved the museum of Natural History due to the large collection of animals and we also got to see a live butterfly exhibit which was really cool. I posted my favorite pic from the weekend to the left under the title "Monumental Girl" . I am posting some others pics below of us in front of the WWII memorial and Sarah-Grace playing in the kids section of the American History Museum. Although we had fun, I was definitely reminded that traveling with a small child is complicated !!!!